Crypto coins entered our lives about 10 years ago. All other crypto currencies, especially Bitcoin, are traded on the market today. Crypto coins, which have created a large area in the financial sector, are very popular nowadays. Although not fully used in everyday life, it has a large processing volume in the digital environment. For investors, these assets have fears and doubts arising from a lack of information. We need to increase the interest of people to these money, which is thought to replace the domestic and reserve money in the future.

Investors need to be properly informed to enter this market. With the complexity of transactions and the increase in security measures, the solution of this problem may be eliminated. Apart from these, the biggest problem is that the market is very volatile and its volatility is very high. A crypto currency is able to instantly increase or decrease very high. This volatility scares people very much. If these problems are solved, all the barriers to market growth will be eliminated.

Now I want to talk to you about a new crypto entity that acts as a fixed currency with no uncertainty or volatility. This project, which has a fixed value that will play a major role in the conversion of crypto currencies, is called USDQ. More detailed information about the project can be found at or from the white paper.

USDQ is a crypto currency with fixed exchange rate against the US dollar. Like the Tether unit currently traded, but it will have even better features. It is supported at a one-to-one rate of 1 USDQ and will be equal to 1 USD per corresponding Fiat currency. It will be fixed in USD without being affected by the fluctuations in the market. USDQ is a fixed currency and that money can make money for you. Also, if the USDQ is equal to the American Dollar, KRWQ is another crypto asset that will be equal to the Korean Wuan.

The fixed crypto currency provided by the Q DAO solution is called USDQ. Q DAO platform is an Ethereum based smart contract platform. Q DAO offers stock market trading services that are very easy to use and stable for digital money traders. Platinum Q DAO Engineering produces technological innovations that will lead to the creation of new USDQ / KRWQ based devices. Q DAO Platinum hopes that USDQ, KRWQ and other tokens to be released will be widely accepted by the community and used as a trading environment worldwide.

Trading in USDQ Trading in the secondary market is the same as in other stable coins Look for credits, secure your encryption and easily get USDQ balanced coins. Once the transaction is complete, you can replace the USDQ with the encryption prize of your choice. Find the Q BOX Mine Q DAO card and upgrade your AI-based robot to help you make your own predictions.

Advantages of USDQ and KRWQ owners,

The USDQ market will be stable and will not fluctuate.

When dealing with Fiat currency, we go to the bank to create an account and deposit money; but with USDQ, you can’t get that kind of stress. All you have to do is open a digital wallet and set it.

Transactions, unlike fiat currency, have a transparent structure that allows users to follow transactions.

USDQ does not require intermediary or third party processing, so commission and other fees are minimal.

Individuals will be able to follow the path of their real life process.

Using the diversity of the USDQ team to create a powerful and intelligent digital currency exchange, it will not only meet the needs of traditional stock market investors and investors, but will also facilitate trading transactions that allow everyone to be part of the Q DAO technology revolution. Transactions are fast, secure from price fluctuations, without intermediaries, but if you want to use the crypto currency as a means of payment, of course, remember the effectiveness and efficiency of a transaction. On the other hand, competitors with similar platforms, fixed coins are still relatively small.

Platinum, is an international STO / IEO / ICO / POST ICO consulting, promotion and fundraising company with offices in Tokyo, London, Bangkok, Seoul, Singapore, Yangon, Colombo, Phnom Penh, Moscow, Minsk and Kiev. With more than 200 experts, Cryptoda has a service history of over 3 years in the field and over 7 years in the financial markets. It has been formed by a strong team with a wide range of services and expertise in marketing and public relations, management, consulting, programming, cyber security, education, legal advice and more.


A new crypto entity of constant value, protected from the sharp movements of digital assets. It will offer us great advantages with the advantages of the platform which is fixed in dollar terms and it is included. This project is likely to be successful when looking at the history of the team and the company (Platinum Fund) seems to be certain. You can reach more detailed information about the project from the links below. As a result of your research, you can decide to participate in the project.



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